Front cover of the book entitled, in English, French out of France!

French out of France!

French: the world's most beautiful language

Back in the day, to please the French appetite for dictation games, Mérimée devised one for Napoléon III and cronies. Not good. The guy got 75 mistakes, Empress Eugénie 62 and Alexandre Dumas Jnr 24.

Fake news, of course. The dictation contained only 191 words. But who would believe it when the story encapsulates the subtle complexity of French so exquisitely!

Estimated at around 300 million speakers today, French is en route to becoming a major world language again. Wrong. Some researchers even claim that by 2050 it will be spoken by more than 750 million people. It won't.

And yet for centuries French dazzled the world. Today, it is lost and living in the past.

Published on 20th March 2020 to coincide with International French-speaking Day and the 50th anniversary of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, the book attempts to humor all lovers of this beautiful language!

French out of France! plunges the reader into the extraordinary beauty that is French. Tortuous, stunning and delightful, French is a spectacular language but, sadly, one too complex for the average Frenchman. We delve into the history and roots of this mercurial mess, fashioned out of its fawning fascination for Rome.

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