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Hi there!

If this is the first time we're working together, please…

  • let me know whether you're subject to VAT
    • if so, give me your VAT number
    • if not, please advise and I will update order form accordingly
  • provide me with IBAN and BIC, or your PayPal account details

For translations, please ensure that…

  • the document sent for translation corresponds to the name on the order form
  • the number of words and rate per word are correct
  • you return the finished translation by the time requested for delivery

For interpreting, please ensure that…

  • you are present at least 30 minutes prior to the first group or interview held in central locations
  • you are present at least 15 minutes before the agreed rendezvous with clients (hotel or respondent address for ethnos)

Payment by bank transfer as early as possible, max. 60 days from invoice date.

A bill is always required.


In the very unlikely event a client is genuinely unhappy with the service provided and I am incapable of resolving the issue, I will not invoice. I request the same from you. If you are not happy with these conditions, please let me know beforehand.


You are here: Home Official Sub-Contractors