Stop Jihad bow

Like so many people, I am deeply disgusted by today's barbarian act of terrorism.

In solidarity (with a newspaper I don't think I've ever read), and like those who signed their names as translators of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses (following an assassination of one of them), I am adding a symbol of freedom of speech on my site: a cover drawing from Charlie Hebdo.

They can find me if they want.

For those who might misundersrtand (I am also concurrently preparing the launch of a book of mine - pure coincidence in time), this is not an advertisement.

Although we cannot all, like the cartoonist Charb, state that we have no children, no partner, we can say that we are scared. In this respect, they've won. But they cannot kill us all.

So I invite everyone - private, freelance or company - to add a symbol of solidarity to your website or blog. If everyone represents "evil" (in their eyes), we will be less targeted individually.