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About the company

Frogologue was founded by Simon Hamilton after 19 years in the industry. During that time, I got to know all the good interpreters familiar with market-research. Today, collectively, we interpret the equivalent of Proust twice a day, with fewer Madeleines and more meat.

Over the past 20-odd years, international market research has gradually morphed into an English-language profession, which might make some nationals mad but generally makes sense. However, we persist in offering interpreters familiar with market research working in non-English languages, for example German, Italian, Spanish, and even Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Try us!...

Today, given our successful track record and repeat requests, we now offer translation and interpreting outside the world of market-research, whether conferences, business meetings, press junkets and so on.

And, in addition and also due to demand, we provide language-coaching for French people needing to give a talk in English. When the stakes are high, it's better to get it right... For more information, see our Coaching page.

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