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About Simon

Simon HamiltonSimon studied zoology and animal behavior at Nottingham, UK, loves languages, tomorrow's technology and lifelong learning, is forever amazed by the perfection of dragonflies, but isn't too good at dancing barefoot in the park. For those who like to see who they're dealing with, here I am.

"Moderately obsessed" with words and the origins of language, Simon has a collection of some 450+ dictionaries, including two of his own:
• Portuguese-English-French: Vocabulário Popular de Porto Velho, a glossary of words used in the Amazonian Wild West of Brazil
• Estonian-English: A Rambling Dictionary of Tallinn Street Names, a list of every street name in Tallinn, Estonia, with explanations, etymology, anecdotes and occasional bits of history

And having spent an intentionally very quiet year to write a book on the French language and now found a publisher (, Pour en finir avec la langue française (An End to the French Language), it's now time to go back to work :o)

My other love, or folly as most people call it, is for Antonino, a Brazilian painter for whom I'm trying to create a museum.

(To be continued!)

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